Ps. Benny Ho from Faith Community Church (FCC) in Perth speaks on the camp theme of “Serving as ministers with Holy-inspired passion.”

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22-24 March 2019 - The empowering Presence
Encountering God Weekend

by Ps. Mark Conner

Session 1 - How to Connect with God
Session 2 - Your Friend, the Holy Spirit


Session 3 - Learning to Hear God’s Voice
Session 4 - Becoming a Prophetic People
Session 5 - The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Session 6 - Praying for Healing

28 July 2018 - IMPACTING THE 9 to 5 window

by Ps. Benny Ho

Session 1 - Kingdom, Church & Marketplace
This session provides the big picture of how we should view the co-relation and the eco-system between the Kingdom of God, the Church and the Marketplace.  How does one become a Kingdom-oriented Christian who is a blessing to his/her local church and yet be effective in the marketplace.  We seek to develop a biblical worldview to this spiritual eco-system that will provide a framework and a lingo in which we can strategise for the future.

Session 2 - Work, Worship & Witness
This is an inspirational session that challenges the believer to become a clear signpost whichever arena God has planted them in the marketplace that points people to a better Kingdom and introduces them to a better King.  It will outlines 4 key things we can do to become a clear signpost in the marketplace and where we can begin.

Session 3 - Can I Pray For You?

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2-4 February 2018 - GODYOU&FAITH@WORK
Raising workplace ministers for the 9 to 5 window

by Ps. Dr. Philip Lyn

1. The Workplace: What, Why, When | Session 1 | Friday PM (Part 1 & 2)
The biblical importance of work, how God sees work, why work is sacred not secular and why marketplace transformation is the key to changing our city and nation.

2. The Workplace: How | Session 2 | Saturday AM & PM (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
Beginning the journey as workplace ministers, what is needed, how we influence our place of work and bring the life-changing gospel into work and how we grow our faith and our church engaging the workplace.

3. Bi-Vocational Pastoring | Session 3 | Saturday PM
What a workplace minister looks like, how God raises a new generation of bi-vocational pastors today.

4. Jesus' First Miracle | Sunday Worship Service
What are the keys to receiving miracles in our lives today, especially in this 21st century secularistic thinking age?


Ps. Bruce Hills delivers a challenging four-part series at LifeGate Family Camp 2017 on what it means to live with God and for God.

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Understanding Islam. Reaching Muslims. | Seminar July 2016

Dr. Peter Riddell (Melbourne School of Theology)
It is timely for our church to look into a religion that has taken prominence in world stage, and has often been both understood and misunderstood. LifeGate invited a leading scholar in the study of Islam to help us understand the religion of Islam, and to help us find ways to reach the Muslims.