Tham Fuan has served as the Senior Pastor of LifeGate Church since its inception in 2010 with the integration of ICC and Cornerstone Church of Christ. His roles include initiating direction and setting it together with the Church Board, and overseeing all areas of ministry and day-to-day operations of the church.

He has been in full-time church ministry for more than 20 years, the first seven of which was in Malaysia. Over that period and at different times he has served as a youth minister, continued pioneering a new church plant after it has been started by another person for three months, led the Central District Youth Department of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia, served as a board member of Wycliffe Malaysia, and currently serving as the Senior Pastor of LifeGate Church and a board member of SIM Australia.

He has a passion for people of all ages and for seeing their lives changed by and for Jesus. He has a vision for a continuing and thriving local church for generations to come. Tham Fuan was trained at Bible College of Victoria (now Melbourne School of Theology) graduating with a Master of Arts in Ministry with the Australian College of Theology.

Tham Fuan and his wife Suan Choo have two daughters: Danica, who is married to Josh, and Elysia. They both enjoy movies and spending time over a meal with friends and church people.

Mobile: 0425 803 597
Contact: thamfuan.yee@lifegatechurch.org.au





Mei-Ju has served as the Chinese Pastor of LifeGate Church since 2013. Mei-Ju became a Christian at the age of 12 and grew up in the church which was started as a cell group in her house in Kaohsiung Taiwan. She actively served in the church and was involved in both the Youth and Cell ministries. She also established a Christian fellowship group in the college she was lecturing in.

Mei-Ju and her family migrated to Melbourne in late 2003. She studied at Melbourne School of Theology and graduated with Bachelor of Ministry in 2012. She saw a great need in reaching out to the Chinese migrants with the message of salvation, thus responding to God’s call to “come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Mei-Ju’s husband Sam (also a graduate from MST), serves together with her at LifeGate Church. They have three children, both daughters are married and their son is doing his 4th year at university.

Mei-Ju is a firm believer of always giving thanks to God for His providence and in investing our temporary life here on earth for eternal values.


Mobile: 0425 830 860
Contact: meiju.lee@lifegatechurch.org.au





Su-hwei has served as an Associate Pastor since December 2016. As an overseer to the Kids and Youth ministries, realising LifeGate’s vision through the ministries ensuring the smooth-running of weekly programs, developing leaders, and upholding LifeGate’s Church Safe policies.

Having been involved in church ministry for about 15 years, Su-hwei continues to find joy in connecting with children and young people, and in witnessing God’s transformative work in their lives. Su-hwei is currently working towards her Graduate Diploma of Divinity. Besides her ministry role, she also works as a part-time Speech Pathologist.

Contact: suhwei.moey@lifegatechurch.org.au





James has been one of our Associate Pastors since December 2018. Having over nine years church ministry experience, his role includes the overseeing of the weekend services; all the audio, media and IT; and preaching at weekend services occasionally. He also provides support to the Senior Pastor in pastoral duties.

James is passionate about seeing people encounter Jesus and having their lives transformed by the gospel. He received his theological training from Melbourne School of Theology, graduating with a Graduate Diploma of Divinity in 2018. Aside from his church role, James works part-time in the banking sector. He also runs a tech YouTube channel in his spare time.

Contact: james.chia@lifegatechurch.org.au